I Survived 100 Days as a NINJA in Minecraft

I Survived 100 Days as a NINJA in Minecraft! My friends and I were bickering over which ninjas are better: REAL ninjas or ANIME ninjas. To prove who is the finest, my friends challenged me to survive 100 days against them!

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►Episode – I Survived 100 Days as a NINJA in Minecraft


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I hope you all took pleasure in!

Thanks for all the support, Rock Army!

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  1. Do 100 days as a whale. Or a snake. Or a drake. Or a hero. Or a villain. Or just have as much fun as you can!

  2. bro always plays these videos for 25 hours straight

  3. How about the nine till fox sure about the one thing I do today I don’t care what happened to produce you think of Lego ninja can beetles

  4. real ninjas are not stronger than anime ninjas. 🤦‍♂Naruto literally beat someone who can cut the moon in half. Naruto would easily beat any real ninja.

  5. Anime ninja’s are stronger

  6. johnathan flournoy

    anime ninjas are better

  7. Wow! I like ninjas

  8. 2 things:
    100 days as a shapeshifter?
    And you should build false bases to throw then off

  9. Aleksandr Sherwood

    Ancient debris doesn’t burn

  10. Compare to real ninjas I like anime ninjas more

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