I Surprised David Dobrik with a Custom Tesla!


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Four years ago I began my YouTube expedition as a faceless gaming creator and was obessed with David Dobrik’s video blogs. I was so obsessed that I chose to start vlogging myself which has turned me into the creator that I am today. When I began vlogging, I told my mother and sibling that one day I was going to suprise David with a Tesla of his own one day. Well that day is today. Me and team constructed a custom Tesla for David’s new pizza resturant called Doughbrik’s Pizza and then stunned him with it! His reaction was priceless and this was a dream come true for me. Thank you David for motivating me and so many other creators throughout our YouTube trips.

If you are perusing this you are a real one!
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Not MY TESLA FLEW OFF THE GROUND, But HOT TUB WITH INTERNATIONAL MODEL, But SURPRISE MADE HER START CRYING, But DAVID’S INSANE PIZZA LAUNCH, But LIFE CHANGING TRANSFORMATION AT AGE 49, But CAR TOUR OF MY NEW TESLA (ft. Heath Hussar), But SURPRISING MY BEST FRIEND WITH A NEW TESLA, But SURPRISING MY GIRLFRIEND WITH A NEW TESLA, But SURPRISING SON WITH DREAM CAR, or any other video clip like David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Unspeakable, Ryan Trahan, Preston, MrBeast, Typical Gamer, Faze Rug, or Airrack would make. This is a video clip where Matthew Beem (also known as MBeem10) customizes a Real Life Tesla and surprises David Dobrik with it for his new pizza resturant called Doughbriks!


  1. Being able to make videos like this with hero’s of mine means the world to me. Thank you for supporting me i couldn’t do this with out your incredible support

    • 👍🏻Your welcome. I hope your channel gets notice even more. Go catch up with Mr.Beast. You also deserve that many subs for all the effort you put into your videos. Whenever a mistake happens like a giant NFT falling over, or as simple as putting a Lego brick in the wrong place and the super glue setting making it impossible to remove it. But when a mistake happens at the Beem team, you amazing people think of a way around it and bounce back. When I started to watch your videos ever since I’ve never been disappointed. #BeemTeam

    • Liliam Yisel Gutierrez Ortega


    • Subscribed just waiting for money but just don’t be in a rush

  2. Everyone subscribe to The beam team

  3. Build the worlds biggest baseball bat and ball

  4. It’s not a Beem video without something going wrong!! But they always fix it or find a new way to tackle the project!
    Just the saying about life… “When a door closes in life, just open it… that how doors work!”

    Lol thank you for another great video Matthew! Loved it!

  5. I have to admit that they appeared to have stepped up their game from the first wave. This is impressive. All these tracks look actually pretty good and the mixes sound great. >:(

  6. Give Dude Perfect Something next

  7. Is anyone else so happy the bendy series is back I love whiting them play through these games

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  8. I’m glad that the bendy series is back and he is playing it

  9. He earn free pizza for a life time at his store

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