I Started A WEEKLY Match Series With GM GOLF | Match 02

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  1. This video intro was 🔥🔥🔥 go give my boy shayler a follow on ig (@shayler_dance), I taught him how I edit my videos and hes been taking over the editing perfectly these last 5 months! Appreciate you brooo

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    • That “You always say sus stuff” look you gave GM at 7:10 always makes me laugh.. Let the laughs out bro 🤣🤣

    • Great Job Shayler! The editing has been on point. Just followed you on IG. Keep it up!

    • I thought it hit different. Explains why. Great video!

    • Dude y’all are a lot of fun to watch. And Shayler is awesome at what he does editing and not too bad at golf, either. Been watching you and G both before GG even started and it’s been an awesome journey. Keep going.

    • Moist Marshmallow

      Keep up the great work! It’s nice seeing you & Garrett square off moving forward; two skilled, classy golfers who aren’t annoying. I could get used to this!

  2. Awesome match!

  3. Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society

    Oh Yes Boys.

  4. Anyone else notice that this is the Dude Perfect all sports battle course

  5. G + K = Awesome Sauce

  6. Great golf!

  7. Kwons face 7:10😂

  8. G is just a wild card. Kwon is calculated. It’s like watching the tortoise and the hare golf version. Excited to see these matches develop. Now I’m going to subway I’m freakin starving.

  9. Nice choice to do the long play in the series. You guys will put out great content together. I already asked this on GM, but here we go. When can we see a GM/Kwon vs Team BB on GoodGood?

  10. William Wrathall

    Love this series so much 🙌 Thank you for providing such awesome content lads ❤️

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