I Spent A Day With A Teen Mom

I spent a day with my new friend Ashley, one of the most powerful folks I’ve ever met. Download Bumble to begin making new friends here:

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Thank you to Pablo and Sara for instructing us bachata for the day!


Editor – Stephen Castro

Camera Operator – Kevin Stiller


  1. Good morning gang 🙂 what did y’all think of this new style of video? Should we do more “day in the life” episodes? P.S. as always – doing BTS and Q&A all day on my Instagram!! Come join!! @michellekhare

    • Michelle Khare YASSSSS

    • 72marshflower15

      How is it that mass media whines about teen moms but the notion to create them is everywhere in today’s society?.

      it’s actually promoted, so taking a stance against it isn’t very well thought out..

      Your. It just exploiting this for your own career are you?

      I can swear I’ve seen this before…


    • Nhac chú tien+whybother

    • Jose Bocanegra

      You could do one learning/training Bachata or Salsa for 30 days. This is not so original, but it would be so interesting to see how much you improve, and would help motivate others to try it

  2. Dalia Gonzalez

    Ok can we see a vlog of you and Ashley and Megan this was so good ??

  3. Wtf im here?

  4. Yasmin clements-levi

    the little girl looks so much like Michelle…

  5. Ashley is so inspiring!

  6. Did any of you notice that she’s #2 ON TRENDING!? Crazy! I knew it would happen one day ?

  7. The video was so short! ?

  8. 3:50 mmMmmmmmm T H I C C ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. ওএব

  10. anyone for youtube pushing you or trending video?!!

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