I Spent 7 Days Straight Playing Minecraft

TommyInnit begins a new Minecraft world and meets DUFFLE. Oh yeah. a new pet.

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  1. Austrian Continental

    I am going to Brighton for holiday in August

  2. but tommy just telling u when yo kill on and make more noise it spawns back

  3. {Mandarin_Mangø}

    For someone who plays with no lighting (saves battery) it’s so much easier with light I can finally see

  4. 9 hours? 😂


  6. It’s so wholesome to see Tommy just playing the game withought any mods. It’s also super cute see him get so attached to duffle haha.

  7. tommy just get 10 end crystals to beat warden

  8. Missed opportunity. Should have named the barn ‘duffle bag’

  9. Tommy sees cat: NOT AGAIN

  10. duffle deserves nothing but the best

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