I Spent 10,000,000 Robux

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  1. bro the last time i saw bodi was buting him anything

  2. Hey lazarbeam i been subscribed to you for 4 years and now and i like the content you making now 🙂

  3. bohdi looks so different holy

  4. cant wait for 100m robux

  5. Bodhi has grown so much bro!!

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    Seeing Brodie get older is insane to see

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    It’s good to see boaty and see how much he has growned up since the last time we all saw him

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    Content is never boring, when we get bored we watch you

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    lazerbeam gives me all my life advice “if someones richer they always win” thanks lazer

  10. I am youtuber 😍😘✨🎉 subscriber

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