I Spent 100 Days on 3 Layers of Dirt

No one thought surviving on just three layers of mud was doable. Particularly flourishing in that world. No one’s done this, until today. I Survived 100 Days on 3 Layers of Dirt.


  1. i spent 141 days lol

  2. How did you get the hoe?

  3. Rage, The Mad Master of Ceremonies

    You have started down the flat world rabbit hole… You mustn’t stop, for the endless patches of grass will mock ye for weakness. YOU HEAR THEM?!?!?! They are laugh hehehe LAUGHING!!!!! jokes aside this was a fun vid would love to see more

  4. Do villages not spawn

  5. 300 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “10, 9, 8, BAM! Terrorism!”

  7. 200 days pls

  8. The caves and cliffs achievement needs you too free fall so you just need to walk off the pillar, not jump.

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