I Spent 100 Days in Pokémon

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I spent 100 days in Pokemon Violet to look at:
1. Could i beat the game?
2. How far COULD i get?
3. What all CAN I do in these games?

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  1. this video took 3 months, hope you enjoy c:

  2. Screw Geeta, Wolfey is the true champion of the Paldea region! xD


  4. Joel Poikolainen

    1:30 “it died” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmfao

  5. Parfait Inconnu

    21:29 Turo did the o7 in his speech

  6. The ultimate, amazing, sleepy Koala

    17:18 shut up Reinhardt

    24:36 really a third time?

  7. Purplequeef

  8. I swallowed a six star raid by myself and I’m a kid, so don’t say go to fourth-grade Tom okay I am in fourth grade but seriously please don’t say that to kids

  9. I didn’t have trouble with the Titans, ONCE I actually got to them. I did have some trouble getting to the darn Titans a few times. Yeah, I got sucked into the sandwich storyline.

  10. That was fun, Jack 😊

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