I Solved FNAF Security Breach (FINALE)

I Solved FNAF Security Breach (FINALE)
Hey people! I hope you took pleasure in this series 🙂 Love you all! 💙

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  1. Please remember that I make these videos for fun and to throw out some ideas for you all to think about, please don’t take everything I say as fact haha

    I’m gonna answer some questions I’ve been getting (I might update this over time):

    – Forgot to say that I think V_A is a misdirect. And could mean VariAtion of Afton. Or it could be 46 posing as Vanessa… for some reason LOL

    – 46 is using an illusion disc and in the cd’s says they like disguises. This is my explanation for how she got the job with the VR team.

    • Tamari Tamarileonardo

      ok but fuhnaff i still disagree that it’s charlie that is patient 46 if you have read my comment in your ‘i solved patient 46’ video than you do know that ther is more evidence to say that it’s elizabeth becouse this woude make senes with her wanting to make william proud oh and just so y’know ther is like 0 evidence in the bocks to say that charlie is helping william unless you belive that it’s actully elizabeth helping william since in the fourth closed elizabeth was litarelly in the fourth charlie bot as well plus ther was not even a singel bock that litarelly says that charlie is helping william really so yeah.

      ho and quik littel site note: sorry that in my comment i sayd client 46 i shoude have sayd patient 46 so yeah.

      ho and scound site note: trust me if you belive that all 4 fnaf games are in-univers games than you are just as wrong as matpat the reason why i say that is becouse ther are lots of flaws with this theory as well but i will not meantion all thes flaw in this reply that will make this comment way to long but if you want to fuhnaff or if any of you guys want i will mention all thes flaws in a diffrent comment alright good.

    • Tamari Tamarileonardo

      you fuhnaff i forgot to mention that if you are really only going to use the graphic novels to see what evidence you can haw i woude not recomment doing so the reason i say that is becouse the graphic novels are very inconsistent like i’m not even joking both the silver eyes and the twisted ones graphic novels are pretty inconsistent but the fourth closed graphic novel has even more inconsistents than any other bock and trust me if you are going to be really lazy and not just try reading you know the non-graphic novel bocks you know like fazbear frights than hey you may just result haveing lots of miss information and not knowing what you can belive or not.

    • So I think that both your theory and the Steve theory are correct, but what if “into madness” is also hinting at Steve making FNAF world and going into madness.

    • Bro you need to make a summeries of the fnaf story, it is getting……complycated😅

    • I got a theory with the isolation part
      What if glitchtrap being use to be a engineer
      Found out how to fight back to fixing with the glitches
      And tape girl isolated him to figure out how to kill him forever but glitchtrap got out and took over her and trick the person you play as aka the player to do what glitchtrap needed
      I’m sorry I just thought this was a good idea but

  2. Your theories are a breath of fresh air! Everything is starting to make sense!

  3. bro who isn’t a robot anymore lmao

  4. Man, remember when this was about kids haunting animatronics?

  5. MatPat should be jealous of you.

  6. i was liking the other couple of videos but this one kinda lost me…

  7. you should be in the movie man

  8. “Abandoned you? Freya, I mourned you”, such a harrowing line. in fact the script is full of really poignant comments on grief, forgiveness, fate and free will. the writing of the story so far has been really great and i’m really enjoying all the different character arcs, seems like everyone is healing and overcoming their own personal battles, like a mental “ragnarok”.

  9. Did you just make fnaf world canon? I don’t know to love or hate that

  10. im never coming back.

    Into madness is the old name for security breach

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