I Saved My Gay Friend With A Kiss

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  1. That Freddie Mercury poster at the beginning tho👌

  2. At the thumbnail I thought he was going turn to be straight

  3. i thought it was saving my friend from becoming gay… like damn bro i be hating this new gay movement. Like what the heck has this world become too! Ewww 🤢

  4. That’s an oof from me.

  5. Being gay is vary bad

  6. The voice sounds like Jackie Evancho.

  7. Peyton The Panda

    Alex is gay

  8. King of the Bruiser-weight

    Gay friend’s dad low key kinda pedophilloic

  9. 🎵its ok to be gay let’s rejoice with the boys is the gay wayyyyy.🎵 (even tho I’m straight)

  10. I Do Not Post Anymore

    Am I the one noticing That Freddy Mercury was on a magazine?

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