I Said Yes to Every Email for a Month!

I stated yes to every review ask for I got for a whole month. I am regretful? You are welcome?

MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com
Titan Orion Series Casket at https://geni.us/8fuN1
Retevis RB38V Long Range Walkie Talkie at https://geni.us/jrLzBFA
Gravastar Sirius P5 at https://geni.us/c6AjZ
Carpuride W707 Portable Car Stereo at https://geni.us/hfDBD
Conquest Pro Headphones at https://geni.us/ynocjAC
Wearable Air Conditioner at https://geni.us/eWww
Ranvoo NB1 Hand Warmer at https://geni.us/EcR7
Monduo Tri-Screen at https://geni.us/4LuP0Xz
Realme 10 Pro – Coca-Cola Editon at https://geni.us/10bB1
Casexy Memoji Case at https://geni.us/hAxzN


  1. I really enjoyed this unpopular tech review from all these brands we dont know of.

  2. Pretty killer deal…..😂😂

  3. Givethanks Chibueze

    The casket would now be used for all videos 😅

  4. Purushotham Parthy

    I had sent you a mail asking for a million dollars. Don’t leave me out dude!✌️

  5. 1:54 the deceased wouldn’t notice that anyway. Lol

  6. MQA is at a loss.

    “your a billboard now for coca cola”
    Looks around at evry1 in brand clothing with apple or samsung logos on their gear…
    Ah yes we wouldnt want that now would we.

  7. After this video somebody’s going to make a conspiracy theory our of MKBHD saying he has joined the illuminati and the red casket symbolises that he’s replaced by a clone

  8. Fake. Didn’t try penis enlargement pills or inherit money from a Prince.

  9. This should be a yearly thing.

  10. Love yer shirt!

    Do you sell it?

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