‘I sacrificed my mastery’ playing with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward – Terry Rozier | First Take

Terry Rozier says he was playing in the darkness of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward all season for the Boston Celtics and felt “thrown all the way in the back seat” when Kyrie declared that he would remain with the Celtics if gladly received back.

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  1. Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    I hope Kyrie leave and Terry stays…..

  2. Whoever reads this, pursue your dreams! Even if you stand alone believe in yourself! Be blessed stay positive!

  3. The dude is obviously not better than kyrie nor hayward but i agree with him in terms of his team performing poorly with those 2 dominant guards. Superstar teams don’t win chips. Superstar teams with chemistry do.

  4. First 48 Take from now on. They got that boy to snitch on his whole team about that murderous 2nd round.

  5. Montias Jackson

    Bro is emotional af

  6. This mans a bum talking like he’s a top dawg dude ain’t top 20 pg ??

  7. Remember when the Celtics were going to beat the Warriors in the Finals at the beginning of the season? Lmao Kyrie is the worst leader ever and Hayward is no better.

  8. Glad he’s being honest, Kyrie was awesome in Cleveland with LeBron but he shouldn’t have moved to Celtics

  9. soooo max gonna ask the same question the whole video????

  10. Smirky Whitemale

    So what hes sayin is “Nobody puts Terry in a corner”.

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