I Replaced My Favorite Pokémon

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I love Castform, but it is got concerns I can not fix. So I designed a substitute!
🎮Gameplay Channel MandJTV Plays!
I make Pokemon video clips, for example Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content, Pokemon Legends Arceus content, Pokemon playthrough challenges, Top 10 or Top 5 Pokemon video clips, Pokemon Talk, Pokemon Meme Review, and much more!

Edited by Katie Rose!



  1. If you want to have a cute little superhero form-changing orb like I do, get one at https://mandjtvmerch.com/ while it’s still available!

  2. 😇💙🗯🗯🗯🦸🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🥋🥊

  3. Mytey is REALLY CUTE,and I have a question,when will you do a Pokemon:Shadows Of Almia video because I’ve been waiting for such a long time so please can you do one

  4. I am making a game similar to Pokemon and I was wondering if I could use Mytey as a fakemon.

  5. Darkninja adventures

    Total stats = 420

  6. technically this means smoking with no consequences

  7. green_plays8910

    i cant remember what show/ movie it was (if you recognize what im talking about please tell me) but i remember a scene where someone was teaching someone with fire powers how to stop fires and the fire guy thought he could only cause fire but the guy showed him that he can also control the fire and get rid of it

  8. Hypnotic Ickycat

    Bro everyone should love castform, it has 420 base power :c

  9. Howling Houndoom


  10. I see mighty as a rounder version of mega man

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