I Rented Japan’s $800,000 PRIVATE Yacht for a Day | Okinawa

Okinawa is Japan’s tropical heaven 🌴 On our first day of Journey Across Japan, we investigate the capital city of Naha, taste the world’s spiciest food and charter a luxury yacht for a day of crusing and snorkelling.

Many thanks to @ChiakiDesu! for showing us around!
Feat. @The Anime Man as viewed on @Trash Taste

Journey Across Japan: Escape to Paradise

00:00 Why Okinawa?
05:24 Okinawa: A Brief History
07:12 Naha: Okinawa’s Capital City
10:30 Dinner in an Okinawan Home
14:10 The World’s Spiciest Food
18:30 Renting a Private Yacht for the day

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  1. NOTIFICATION SQUAD: I still literally have no idea what Uncle Sandal is?! But come on, you know I had the best photo 😎
    And so begins our new Journey Across Japan! This time to Okinawa for three awesome episodes introducing the food, the places and the people. A special thanks to Chiaki for letting us into her home to eat food both delicious and horrific. (APOLOGIES for the delay on the release guys I had some copyright issues with the video).

  2. I want a full length Natsuki yakuza movie

  3. Chris picture should be called Blink 182 turned bad

  4. Natski is proper fukin certified….. 😎😅🤣

  5. Great Vid, Chris! Felt like I really went to Okinawa! 🏄🏾‍♀

  6. We will always wonder….did Natsuki intend for “My mouth is like Wine Ocean” to sound like “wide open” on purpose, or was it an awesome coincidence?

  7. The Sakata-shi Yakuza look pretty scary

  8. Nothing like being an ignorant American abroad

  9. “He’s off making the world a better place”

    -gets punched-

  10. Dr Jelly at day, Uncle Sandal at night.

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