I remade every mob into Sonic in minecraft

I remade every mob into Sonic in Minecraft

Then try to beat minecraft with the custom mobs!

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  1. Omg so cute🤯😍😍😎

  2. Tails’s fur is white and so is his ears

  3. Sonic mob was great!

  4. will u remake every mob to be a Mario character?

  5. Jason Rodriguez

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  6. SuperSonicJadyn

    Tails has actually a white belly and white mouth

  7. His snout and the torso are white

  8. The Reason Tails Is Going Through The Blocks Is Because He’s Tails From The Sonic Boom Games Lol

  9. You’re not getting my Eyes of Ender
    What makes you think I need *your* Eyes of Ender?

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