I ranked every one of Ash’s Championship Teams

I ranked every one of Ash’s Championship Teams! Ever wonder which of Ashs tournament teams was the greatest? I am here to let you know


  1. Huge thanks to Alpharad: https://www.youtube.com/@Alpharad
    and Sarah: https://twitter.com/sarahnatochenny


  2. so what i learned is that ash was lucky to not face diantha

  3. Day 355 of asking Wolfey Wideo Man to make “Why Scorbunny is a threat” because it’s hidden ability is amazing. It can also do stuff with Sucker Punch + Weakness Policy mummy.

  4. I have been crying for the past few hours. This is legitimately heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how his family is doing right now.
    Techno (Alex) was my favorite youtuber. He always made me happy when I was having a crappy day. His videos made me smile even in the darkest moments. And now I can’t stop watching his videos, but every time I watch them I am reminded he is no longer with us.

    Fly high, Techno. Have a good afterlife and rest in peace knowing you changed millions of lives B)

  5. Pokemon Team Ash Could’ve used in Sinnoh League.
    1. Heracross
    2. Charizard
    3. Sceptile
    4. Glalie
    5. Snorlax
    6. Pikachu

  6. Ash should have at least his krokorok

  7. 7:52 for alola I feel you should have ranked his team he used against kukui. Which was a full six

  8. Guybel HAHAHA

  9. Ok I feel for sinnoh you should have gone with the team he used against Paul. Basically means you neglected his actual team

  10. The pilot meme man

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