I purchased a $500 makeup mystery box (the scheme goes on)

💔 St.
💔 Stream St. Valentine
’tis the time to get scammed again… but tbh broccolis, I still have hope (evidently), I feel like, THIS is going to be the one to get some merchandise worth my cash!!!! q.q


BUSINESS: Naomijon@gmx.de



you are as bright as my micolor highlighter, broccolis

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  1. What was your first makeup product that you bought? 💄

  2. Heyyyy I would love anything you would like to give away ❤ but sadly all the other creators can’t send me any even if they saw my tweets as I live in India

  3. I’d love to get the anastasia palette!

  4. I love the Modern Renaissance palette and would love to have it and play around with different looks ^^

  5. wait is not normal to wash your makeup sponge after EVERY use?? who is NOT washing their sponges??

  6. help i see barbie

  7. Simona Majerniková

    I want those glitter eyeliners 🥰

  8. You still look fire even with that little wing liner 😂 I would loveeee a lil surprise treat 😭 would honestly make my lyf ❤❤❤

  9. I’m so unexperienced with makeup so watching you put even bad brands on is just amazing because to me you look flawless!

  10. Not the fake laugh at the end of the montage😂😂😂😂 I love you

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