I played Subway Surfers for 10 hours straight

this was a horrible concept.

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Today I played Subway Surfers for 10 hours straight. I have not played this game consistently since middle school, so I desired to look at how good I could get without purchases. And the outcome sincerely might surprise you

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  1. How is my mans playing on PC?

  2. Trevor Morone-Boswell


  3. wait you were playing volleyball in school
    I’m a pro volleyball player and recently our team got first place in the teens national league

  4. During quarantine I got a score of like 40 million and only lost cuz I got bored and decided to stop. The boards have their own abilities which make the game easier than they already do. I also unlocked everyone possible at the time. Currently I don’t have “everyone” but I do have every single stock character and board with at least one key upgrade or outfit. Was it worth it. No it was not, but it was fun while it lasted😂

  5. Why was it so wide? Swear it looks like a desktop port

  6. Yeah the +1 score multiplier board was useful for the challenge but the rocket board would have been easier since it makes you go faster even at the start of a run so you have a goof head start without spending coins on boosts

  7. #25 ON TRENDING

  8. The timing of this video is perfect as ive just downloaded the game again after about 8 years

  9. 10 hours for 10 minutes of content. Brutal.

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