I paid 3 Bakeries $500 EACH to make EPIC Ice Cream themed Cakes!

Life’s too short for sensitive teeth, try Sensodyne and return to taking pleasure in ice cream without any the ache of sensitivity!

#National#iceCreamDay Reviewing 3 cakes from three five star bakeries! I paid them each $500 and told them to take advantage of terrific, show stopping, nationwide ice cream day cake they could think of! Creative thinking is totally up to them, and OMG!! I can not believe what they came up with! This is by far my favorite video clip of this series!

What to observe next!

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  1. The Icing Artist

    Were they worth $1,500???

  2. omg, the third one is so cute!!!!

  3. Space Pawdyssey

    Do you call the bakeries that exceed expectation to let them know? I just can’t imagine not walking into that last bakery and just wanting to thank in person every single person involved with that cake.

  4. That second cake. I thought that was a real cup/bowl that the cake was in…

  5. This made me so happy for some reason

  6. I love them so cool I liked the 2 one they went all out the 1 one is not the best it should be worth 100$ and the 3 one is so cool to I like the 2 ,3

  7. The second cake looks like its from a disney movie

  8. Iris van Ekeren

    What happens with the cakes when you done?

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