I Opened My Own Charity!

100% of the sales from this channel is going to visit my charity! – so just by viewing this you are aiding folks in need :))

MERCH – Coming Soon!
WANT TO DONATE? – Coming Soon! (want to make sure we truly have things found out before we accept any donations)


  1. 👍👍😊🇵🇭

  2. 999,986 views, who else before 1 mil

  3. Paulina Ramírez


  4. 1 st video

  5. This is too epic

  6. going to hit 2 million , but only uploaded 1 video👌👌

  7. So did I. It’s called my wallet. I’m accepting donations

  8. Amazing dude

  9. So here Mr beast started first video 🤣

  10. Good that YOU are helping people in need i like the video hope that helps thank you mr beast

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