I OPENED THE FIRST EVER 5 STAR MCDOANLDS !! This was our best concept yet, or was it?
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special visitor (violinist): @BrianJosephViolin
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  1. hey 🙂 enjoy the video !! love you guys <3

  2. I was gonna like until I saw dom

  3. OMG I really was getting hungry when ALL of you said it was delicious. I want some MC Fancys now. PS i am Subscribed AND ANYONE WHO ISN’T SUBSCRIBED DOES NOT HAVE A GOOD LIFE SO SUBSRIBE and YES do a 5 star Starbucks OMG I love starbucks💖 love you guys!!!

  4. “Cavier” 💀

  5. #teamtaylor

  6. I love McDonald’s foods 😋

  7. I’m your biggest fan!!!!! Love your videos…..

  8. I would pay to eat and meet all of you guys

  9. Im from Macedonia Tetovo Zherovjan and im subscribed to you

  10. Starbucks is already 5 stars tbh!! Love your videos!

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