I need their help. |S7 – E2|

This episode is my first ride in Morocco! I am swiftly leaving Tanger Med, and I am riding to Chefchaouen, through the gorgeous Rif Mountains. Riding a motorbike in Morocco in February means chances of encountering snow, so I have to ride conservatively! But will I even make it up the Rif mountains if the toll gates do not open?

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Here I educate all my filming methods which includes getting drone shots while riding!

Gear & Equipment that I use in this season:

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  1. Suddenly here I am in Morocco with Noraly. How lucky am I ? Absolutely stunning.Let the African adventure begin !

  2. I enjoyed the video.. looking forward to your next..

  3. The Jews understand that the color blue has the spiritual power to ward off destructive (evil) energy. Therefore, Jewish houses and specifically doors are traditionally painted blue. This is from ancient times, even preceding the First Temple era [827 B.C.E.]. Noraly, you are warmly invited to visit Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. Be safe and God bless.

  4. In early 19th hundred jews were fleeing from the 2nd World War? Noraly-historian needs to catch up with Noraly-geologist. 🙂

  5. I like Morocco. Nice helmet!

  6. I missed your adventures alot past mounth. Very happy to see you!🥰

  7. Just to ask you, do you ride same bike in every country or each country you buy new one?

  8. A really cool start to your latest adventure. Chefchaouen looks amazing walking down those small streets and alleyways. Thanks for bringing yet another part of the world to my computer screen. This is a part of the world I would love to visit sometime. I’m originally from the UK, now living in Mexico, but my mother was born in Gibraltar and I have cousins who live there and often hear them talking about their regular visits into Morocco. I’m sure you are going to have another of your amazing adventures and look forwards to you sharing it with us. Travel safe and have fun!

  9. Is visaor master card excepted ?

  10. So cool, you are an inspiration for all women – especially young ❤️. Be safe

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