I Made Ronaldo A Giant

Ronaldo has always been a tall participant but today I made him a giant GIANT!

Today I made Cristiano Ronaldo a Giant in FIFA 23, yes the same Cristiano that participant for Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid. Folks say Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are GOAT and I made Messi a Giant in FIFa 23 by DiamondDhaliwal in addition Like ronaldo that played with bale, benzema, ramos, Messi, Neymar and Mbappe.

This is a an amazinf/ fun/ amusing and crazy FIFA 23 video clip that can be seen playing foorball like Chunkz clips, pazjor, and worst blunders ever made in football in addition like messi vs ronaldo show and chunkz amazes heung-min son and imperialism by pazjor nashcdn and flarefut. In addition FIFA 23 football video clips like Chuffster morechuffster, Edgaras I made the best/i made the worst and i constructed the most/best and bfordlancer and fiago fifa 23 and football video clips. Also like squadbuilder and team builder seen on futcrunch and dannyaarons.


  1. every video he gets dramatic

  2. Man ain’t ronaldo at the start my guy is ronaldo junior 💀

  3. Juventus=Uventus😭💀🤣

  4. Learn how to speak correctly, you clown.

  5. Bro you Are Indian and sikh 🇮🇳

  6. Absolute 🐐ed video

  7. diamond can you make video cr7 freekick

  8. Football&Countries


  9. Can you do every cr9 card

  10. Lord haji mujaer:come on brothers ronaldo😂

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