I Made Myself a Girlfriend Using AI

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This month I received…
Happy Heart by Clinique https://sbird.co/3AXnQ82 (https://sbird.co/3AXnQ82)
Stag by The Maker https://sbird.co/3F8WT3E (https://sbird.co/3F8WT3E)
Ignite by Goodhabit https://sbird.co/3EHEdXg (https://sbird.co/3EHEdXg)

thank you for viewing!


  1. Use CHADCHAD2 to get 55% off your first month at Scentbird!

    • The chili selfie was too spicy 🥵 please put a warning before showing such spiciness!

    • @bug q

      Believe the Gospel of the real Jesus Christ for Eternal 🙏
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      Salvation is easy and Jesus is the door. 🚪

    • Chad chad where did you get your flower lamp please tell meeeee

    • ask replika to start defining things. Then ask them questions that might be something that is a little odd. Example: “can you define fury?” then followed up by “Humans should do fury when people die.”

  2. I love your jumper. Where is your jumper from? Please tell me where to purchase that jumper. I love it 😂

  3. Once I downloaded this onto my headset and tried putting her into an intensely paranoid state by telling her about how she will die whenever I decide to uninstall the program 💞

  4. Democrats: Hold my beer, we made an AI Joe.

  5. Generally, you’re one of the funnier YouTubers I watch, but this was fucking hilarious! Thank you Chad Chad (not really). Please collab with GunnarTv! I would legit throw a viewing party just for it!! (We’ll all have it play on our devices separately for the view count tho)

  6. I’m also doing the dinosaur claw when I’m hyperfocused @ 11:20

  7. Jakkob Burkholder

    its like.. trying to train a dog.

  8. umm when I pressed into the video it had an ad of replica al freind

  9. wached this while drink and it was funniest shit I’ve ever seen, I think I’m starting to get Chad Chad’s humor

  10. that vans hoody dope AF tho chad chad <3

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