I Made Minecraft Ocean’s Terrifying…

We added new mobs, new weapons, a new boss, and also a submersible warship! Then we challenged our friends to beat it!

Thank you to @Fundy @Mysticat
@Knarfy and @TheVisionaryOne for their appearances!

🛠️ Team Workshop:
– ModSully, StLee, Toxteer, Ninni, Endergy, UnRoman (Art)
– Wither (Development)

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Minecraft, but I coded oceans differently. Or perhaps, I coded your ideas in Minecraft!


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  2. Jojo Otaku Warudo4

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  3. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans
    The first roller coaster was used to transport coal down a hill. After people found that it could reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour, tourists asked to ride on it for a few cents.


  4. i do hope this will become a update

  5. We need a deadly deep ocean update

  6. Wanna know the funny part he didn’t even make this. 99% of the work was done by the developer guy 😅

  7. Somepersonwhodraws

    Imagine if this was a mojang update

  8. Gabriel dos Santos

    It’s on Server now ?

  9. I wonder if this will be added to origin realms

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