I Made Giant Chicken Nuggets And Fries For A Competitive Eater • Yummy

“There is 7 pounds of chicken in each nugget. Things are about to get a little sloppy.” Be certain to watch Godzilla: King of Monsters, in theatres May 31st.

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  1. Please

  2. Queen Raina ?❤️

  3. Not related but, he’s like andrew, quiet and intimidating at first, but actually nice

  4. Joshua Dillender

    If it’s not Matt stonier no one cares

  5. It’s really hard watching other people live out your dream

  6. she’s always hungry cause of all the stomach parasites eating her food lol

  7. Missmethinksalot1

    Looks like a job for Keith

  8. Blair Campbell

    Man her workout routine must be INTENSE because she looks amazing and eats like I could only eat in my dreams. I see food and gain weight. ?

  9. Get Matt Stonie to finish it!

  10. can you make a giant taco

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