I Made Giant 50-Pound Pancakes For The Try Guys • Yummy

“I can not even lift it, they are so heavy.”

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  1. Uncle Ben and Aunt J -emima-

  2. Make a giant chicken wing

  3. Next :
    I made a 50 pound Burrito for Matt Stonie

  4. Its so smooth it’s like a babies butt

  5. Charlotte Moylan

    I’m gonna say one thing…

    That’s one THICCCCCCCCCC pancake stack.

  6. you should make a giant sushi roll!

  7. Alvin:”family recipe”
    me:”ha ha family recipe that’s store bought pancake mix”
    Alvin:”OOPS don’t tell anyone”
    me:”ok ha ha ha”

  8. Liking for the try guys

  9. Meg Brassington

    “thanks Dave”

  10. Hey did anyone realize the book is coming out on X’s death day or is it just me??

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