I Made Custom Hard Candy From Scratch


Over the past few (years, truthfully), I have watched other folks make custom hard candy from scrape – weirdly satisfying pulling, stretching, rolling, and shredding – with sweetly teeny tiny outcomes. So, after quite a lot of viewing from the sidelines, I resolved that I needed to try this out for myself – how hard could it really be? So I ventured to Lofty Pursuits candy store in Tallahassee, FL where Greg & the team trained me how to sling candy – old-school style. We made custom flavored drop candy in a press, and two different batches of picture candy – one watermelon, and one teeny tiny disgruntled alien. What do you people think of our final candies?

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Phil Kinney
Jarvis Rooker
Hannah Bruce
Dave Szamet
Lona Smith
Bryce Jennings

GFX by Dayana Espinoza


  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! a huge thank you to greg & the team at lofty pursuits for letting me invade their candy shop for a day! what do you guys think of our disgruntled little alien? what should we name him? if you’re interested in receiving a bag of hims, make sure you enter our subscriber giveaway before aug 10!! if you were to make your own image candy – what design would you do? xoxo, saf

  2. This is a dreammmmm

  3. Does the alien candy not look flirty to any1

  4. You guys should totally name him Galactic Greg

  5. Kondász Andrea

    I couldn’t do this bc I would always want to touch the melty candyyy like a yummy forbidden lava you yould eat 🤤

  6. why do i want to do this now it looks so fun <3

  7. Not the first name suggestion to come to my mind being Alien McAlienface

  8. Aliens after a night out of abduction be like:

  9. Stalking Leopard

    its soo awesome that you bring attention/aweareness to the smaller businesses

  10. Sir. Winkingston 🫡

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