I Made A Viral TikTok Sound

I Made A Viral TikTok Sound in 1 Week. It might or may not have worked out…

Custom Music by Oval: @OvalMusic
Outro: Pls Proceed by Baron Grand
Royalty Free Music by

If you are perusing this, remark: “wow, this is going to be my personal identity for the remainder of my life”


  1. Lesson learned: if your first attempt doesn’t work give up

  2. I’ve heard three of these sounds in videos on Instagram 😅

  3. The Brick Educator

    I’m so grateful for the ‘edibles’ sound, I’m the LEGO guy on the second video 🤓👍

  4. ain’t no way Ted found the guy that has been on the hills fucking dudes
    bruh ain’t no way

  5. I would like to announce that his first sound sound is all over instagram reels as well, I’ve heard it several times.

  6. I remember watching a TikTok with the personality sound like two days ago lmao

  7. a squared + b squared = c squared = area of a circle

  8. I first saw the audio on Instagram lmao

  9. I remember when we all saw his posts and thought ‘Huh, I think Ted is trying to make a viral audio’ 😂

  10. Why does bro sound like Brian from family guy 😭

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