I made a LEGO Dinosaur WORLD 🦖

Can we save them from going extinct?

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Large thanks for these people for cameoing at the end! They all make terrific LEGO video clips too, so go check them out!
@TDBRICKS @SacredBricks @Brick_Science @GenericStud @RepublicStuds

Song: Timur Haisyn – Brutal Fervour (No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Tunetank.


  1. Which LEGO dinosaur was your favorite?

    If you missed the last episode: youtu.be/al2bw3ujPJk

  2. Epic furcorn is epic


  3. I like it how you told a story to not just build love this channel

  4. This video was truly amazing, and gow you built all of the houses and the lore is just amazing!

  5. Elizabeth Rabara


  6. Haha 1 second after you told me to find the skulls i found it in the squidward house

  7. Elizabeth Rabara


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