I made a diorama in 1 Hour vs 10 Hour vs 100 hours

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We desired to look at how much time it really takes to construct a diorama from scrape, so we chose to challenge ourselves by building the same fantasy diorama spending 1 hour, 10 hours and 100 hours on each one! Turns out, it is a pretty giant difference between them!

Video clip editor: Lasse Westrum – lassewestrum@hotmail.com


  1. Think about cutting down 100 hours of content….

  2. Very cool😃

  3. When the room went dark and all you can see is this floating wood table and the bright pink hair working on this masterpiece gave me chillls. What a cinematic capture. Perfect music and timing wooow !

  4. What kind of foam do you/does she use???

  5. This was awesome! This makes me think it’d be really cool if you did “The Burrow” from Harry Potter.

  6. Nolinette Casillas

    Awwww 😀 I love wild mom.

  7. Meeting you both at makers Central at the NEC was literally the best thing ever.

  8. the fact that she could make a school project in just an hour loll

  9. can you try making howl’s castle from howl’s moving castle? just a suggestion 🙂 like so she can see :))

  10. I guess, if I would do a diorama, it would take 100 hours, but look like your 1 hour diorama 🙂

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