I Made a Chocolate Waterfall

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  1. Imagine training to be a therapist then when you help people they change their therapist

  2. Jonty is the real MVP for helping you with all your crazy ideas and projects

  3. I mean just look at the amount of chocolate missing the gutter

  4. David Sinclair Jones

    bro that’s a racist archimedes spiral if I’ve ever seen one

  5. i mean making a massive chocolate fountain would have worked 🙂

  6. bro that was actually hands down epic

  7. It’s more liek chocolate rain doe but still good

  8. I bet that there are still people and they will help!!! QIWI 4890 4947 9271 0097, who can send how much!!! Thanks!!! ✌🤝

  9. Md. Nahid Uz Zaman Ratul

    Liam is gonna be the kind of father who gets grounded by his kid.

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