I Made 100 Players Survive Zombie Island Civilization in Minecraft…

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100 Players Simulate Zombie Island Civilization in Minecraft…

This is a Minecraft Social Experiment where 100 Players Simulate Civilization on a Zombie Island and are divided into two groups, Survivors and Scientists. They will have to face different challenges like the zombies, a blood moon and eventually go to war.

Follow the creators in the event!: https://pastebin.com/cha5R84a

Edited By: Silver, @TedsAttic and @semitedits

00:00 – 100 Players Simulate Zombie Island Civilization in Minecraft
05:04 – SignalRGB (Sponsor)
05:45 – 100 Players Simulate Zombie Island Civilization in Minecraft

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  1. What’s the difference between a seal and a sea lion?

    An ion!

  2. Nobody like Ize

  3. Glad to see wisp grow and mostly timedeo

  4. Bat Knight Gaming

    question where did wisp go

  5. Man this was so entertaining

    Also the music from one of my fav games >:)

  6. How do I get the PC

  7. Nice vid but rather see silver play

  8. Him: Guys you need to gear fast there’s zombies and evil scientist

    Me: wait a minute? aren’t you guys also evil for the crimes you made that’s why you guys were isolated from the modern world and some of the related victims you killed agree and paid for you to be there?

    Hey, admin make an actual real evil prisoners, because you make it feel like the most prisoners are good. So they’ll see freedom is also sometimes cruel.

    Edit: so it will be kind of the Jigsaw theme, where the Jigsaw the killer is avenging the victims who were killed by an actual killer who pretends like an innocent like those bastard people who still wants abortion and ignore the abortion exist from their country.

  9. Ngl this is awesome! The last part with alot of netherite dudes feels like “brothers” edit

  10. 41:02 what technoblade

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