I Made 100 Players Simulate Ancient Civilizations in Minecraft…

I Made 100 Players Simulate Ancient Civilizations in Hardcore Minecraft…
Today, I made 3 Ancient Empires Battle to prove which of the 3 Empires is the most powerful! Aztecs, Greeks, and Egyptians all with their own Land and structures to investigate and take over!

👍 Can we get 20,000 loves for PART 2?! 👍

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  1. Hey guys, These videos are only possibly thanks to the hundreds of people that try to play through my discord! If you want a chance to play in future events, check out my discord here: http://discord.gg/sword4000

  2. You are a nerd, grow up, get a woman!!!

  3. Anakin Skywalker

    Amazing video

  4. Pov u steal techno build because event without credit for the dead man shame on u

  5. Great video sword

  6. Patrícia Carvalho

    Amazing content 👌 your content is fire 🔥 love the way you tell the story of all of these players and what there doing…

  7. A Forerunners Storey

    World box but there’s a twist. It’s Minecraft

  8. Hey, the Egyptian temple is Technoblades God dam temple you should at least credit him…

  9. How did that guy AiroKun create lightning from his sword

  10. Everyone’s talking till Rome shows up

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