I Made 100 Players Simulate AGE in a Medieval Civilization in Minecraft…

I Made 100 Players Simulate AGE in a Medieval Civilization in Minecraft… This is a Minecraft Social Experiment where 100 Players Simulate AGING in a Medieval Civilization setting. This will be filmed in 100 days periods. we will make an effort to populate this server and make a functional world before reaching old age!


#MC100Days #RyanNotBrian

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Welcome to my channel! This channel is all about Minecraft with focus on the Minecraft PvP and Raiding content. In addition throwing in some one of a kind shows like Minecraft Hide Or Hunt & Minecraft War!

I Made 100 Players Simulate AGE in a Medieval Civilization in Minecraft…


  1. Hey guys, Hope you enjoy this!
    This will be a long-term video project with hopefully multiple videos with my goal to reach “old age” haha

  2. Hold up…. having a blood line when 10 years old?

  3. The return

  4. Lol you are now like Jack’s long lost father

  5. Your minecraft 100 player survival series is one of the best, and how the stories basically wrote itself with its players own choices and of course your narration which shows mystery, suspence, hope and joy which shows how the players react to their world and how they affect everything around them.
    Can’t wait for the next video, the system you use is unique with its own class system which made players depend on each other and focus on survival, instead of pvp which often goes chaos and war, you guys made a unique take on 100 player survival minecraft with the age and bloodline system, see you and I can’t wait for your next videos of this series

  6. Maybe add a weapon that creates undead from player corpses? These undead mobs would continue roaming the lands. Maybe that way in the future, when you go exploring and see a familiar corpse, it might bring back nostalgia for both the viewers and the players?


  8. Ryan leaving his child Jack with Nick. That’s some anime scenario.
    GoodLuck on looking for your real dad. Little Jack.

  9. hugh henryk Jader

    muichiro??? don’t think he would be a good leader XD

    love your content Ryan but can you bring a public world at war server up and make videos on that

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