I Lost My Baby.

Please keep our family in your pleas. We love you.


Hi! My name is Nabela Noor and welcome to my channel! I am a plus sized, Muslim, Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur, self-love advocate and self-care expert. I post content encircling self-love and self-care with the hopes to motivate you to prioritize both in a way that feels genuine to you. I love all things beauty, activism and aesthetics.

If you are interested in diving into my everyday, have fundamental discussions encircling self-love, body jamboree, self-care, representation and heterogeneity — this is a place for you.

Welcome to the family. I am so elated you are here.

Please note that all content, backed or not, is made with considerate consideration, love and purpose. I am grateful for every opportunity and will bring partnerships to you that I am proud of each time. Thank you for making this doable.


  1. Polinayaroshenko Polinayaroshenko

    Damn fuck(

  2. Ashley Hernandez

    I wish I could hug you

  3. Mariana Rojas Arreola

    Nabela you said you had PCOs right ??

  4. Get healthy and try again

  5. God bless you guys so very very sorry. Prayers love and hugs.

  6. I’m sorry for your loss. You may never read this but do me a favor and buy a bottle of L-methylfolate 7mg and start taking it. Wait 2 months and try again.

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