I Learned 64 Impossible Minecraft Skills

I Learned 64 Minecraft Skills in 48 Hours to make an impression my crush.

Featuring @Meep, @rekrap2, @FitMC

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  1. women , goldd digger xxddd

  2. nice sand bridging 😀

  3. Since ur friends with Kory irl can you please tell him to read his comments on his latest videos, great video btw

  4. HOW DID YOU TRAP REK!!!1!111111!

  5. this is way too fast paced that its baad slow the pace down a noch this is like 2x mr beast pace if not more

  6. Jerry,The,Tortoise

    I have no doubt you can get more then a million subs by the end of this year

  7. 5:32 i just playbacked speeded it and nico said … a§ß

  8. I do the controller pvp on a daily basis

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