I Joined The #1 Cheer Team In America

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Director of Photography – Dan Kusnir
Sound Mixer – Tyler Shields

Thumbnail designed by @venturepsd


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  2. If people had theme songs, Michelle’s would be Try Everything by Shakira.

  3. Trails of Sunshine

    Cheer is such a competitive sport! I was SO nervous for you and I’m not even the person trying out haha. Michelle, you did AMAZING learning new techniques under pressure and without a lot of time for training. That just goes to show how motivation & dedication can drive you to accomplish things you never thought possible 🙂

  4. why was i genuinely nervous for you to get cut that i kept checking how much the video had left

  5. if anyone says that you took up spots when you weren’t serious i totally have to disagree because having you there seemed like a really great lesson about working hard and being committed to everyone who was there and to all of us here too 🙂

  6. I’m sorry… is no one going to talk about how Michelle ATE that fight song??? You go girl!

  7. She can back flip amazing she must’ve knew how before this


  9. All Scale Brush Worx

    you did more in 10 days than i could do in 10 yrs

  10. that coach still keeps her high school girl voice all these years😂

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