I Hired a Chess Master to Secretly Destroy My Friends

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  1. GGs. Remember: cheating is bad. Unless it’s against your friends. 😄

  2. “are they cheating against each other?”
    Out of context, that’s wild 💀

  3. These two are legends

  4. “ladies and gentlemen, let’s go” Stanz embodied Ludwig at that exact moment.

  5. 16:32 “please ask levy to coach you” 😂

  6. Imagine cheating in rated games and expecting to not get banned lmao actually insane

  7. “One of the best chess players in the world” lmfao ok, bye

  8. 16:29 In chat: Ask levy to coach you 😂

  9. Wow it’s not even levy playing for him, he’s just looking at the ENGINE moves for him and then telling Ludwig. 😂just when I thought that guy couldn’t be more of an embarrassment to chess. That’s actually sad…he still probably would’ve lost the games if he let levy play

  10. cool video maybe try getting good one day tho

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