I hired a famous person stylist to dress me for a month. I bring you to the fittings, try on a number of outfits, and clarify how this all works. My curiosity began from seeing Kim Kardashian’s styling session pics on instagram and thinking HOW DOES THIS ALL WORK? So I hired a stylist and WOW did I learn a ton. I got an inside look on how our favorite superstars create their looks, and always get to wear things we never see in stores. Get ready with me for the month while we assembled SO many outfit of the days. This professional transfiguration from my normal cloth cabinet is INSANE. Remark which look is your favorite!

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If you read this far remark “STYLE QUEEN”


  1. Make sure you watch till the end for the tea!! And comment which look is your favorite

  2. Thank you so much for the video, I am aspiring to become a stylist and this is a great insight into what it consist of. Check my gram: @luxurygorgio_

  3. WhY Is ThIs In My ReCoMenD DaTiOnS

  4. *I hired a pornstar for a month

  5. Pagar un estilista para vestirte como una choni. Lol.

  6. Yaritza Padilla

    You’re trending!!!!!

  7. Can you please do a makeup tutorial on the look at the end!!! I’m shook queen

  8. D3ad Br3adslic3

    CJ Elie

  9. She’s freaking gorgeous?❤️?

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