I Hired 100 LEGO Bodyguards…

I hired 100 Lego bodyguards and I am going to look at if they can protect my Lego minifigure from many different things like an outraged chicken, intensive climate, and also a huge Lego piano at the finish of the video clip…

Pls 🙂


  1. Please make a ridiculous Lego cinematic universe part 2: everyone please like if you agree

  2. 17 hr ago, #17 on trending

  3. Richard Wallace jr

    Can you please make more video game rooms 🥺

  4. :0 amazing stuff

  5. Suiiiiiiii


  7. I would like to give you one more body guard. spiderman!

  8. world's dumbest trumpturd....

    Much better than the other bodyguard video

  9. Can you please listen to me master builders

  10. Jedd Aven Bondoc

    Me lego eater:me like wall hug 🙂

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