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  1. While I am sad to see her leave, I still wish her all the happiness in the universe. Wise person once said “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened!” All The best to you Sana.

  2. *Chat:* No panik

    *Narrator:* They had every reason to panik

  3. It’s all Gawr Gura’s fault. 😠
    If Gura and her fanbase think they can be toxic to other fanbase vtubers just to making fun of her heights, they got another thinking coming. 😠

  4. With Sana leaving we must also bid adieu to HoloMinistry’s San🚀. Goodbye rocketboy, your appearance was fleeting, but you stood as a testament to Sana’s great sense of humor.

    Sanalites will remember the time with the Beeg Beautiful Breaded Space Baby with fondness.

    Wish you the best Sana!
    🛰7 💛

  5. Victor Hernandez

    Just wanted to say I’ve never felt anything for most of the graduation so far only because they still did streaming as someone else so it wasn’t like they were gone completely, you can still hear their voice and know if they are doing well but this time it feels like I would no longer hear nor know if she is doing well for herself. I think what actually makes me sad in term of graduation is never being able to find the person again.

  6. เราจะจำเธอไปนานนะSana ที่ทำให้เรามีความสุขนะ:)💛💛💛o7

  7. We lost one more idol today…soon we don’t know what would happen next.. always be prepared 🙁 good luck for your next move/future sana luv u <3

  8. Thank you, Sana! Remember, we love you!! I’ll try not to cry now. Thank You For Everything!

  9. you’re not the brightness star , you’re my whole galaxy , i’ll try to keep the smile on my face till our last momments thank you for everything

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