I have skin cancer

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Episode 790 | Nashville, TN State 33/50 | Filmed Sept 21, 2021

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  1. I’m happy your cancer free because I loosed my grandfather to cancer when. I was 9 it will be 4 years since he passed on the 29 of October

  2. Good thing you caught it early get well

  3. TheEvangelist'sWife

    Thanks for letting us know. You guys mean alot to this community (& me) and we appreciate your candor. I’m pray’n for y’all.

  4. This was similar to something i had in my leg for over 4 years. Although mine was non-cancerous, it gave me a ton of pain for all that time and i just had it diagnosed and removed earlier this year.

    My procedure was definitely very different from yours though. Since it was in my leg, they did a CT Guided ablation. Which basically they put me under a CT machine to precisely locate the tumor and then they drill a needle down through my bone and into the tumor. They then stick a rod down the needle that drills a part of the tumor off for a biopsy and then they stick another rod down the needle that is connected to a machine that heats the tip of the rod up high enough for around 5 mins to incinerate the whole tumor. Some people do stay awake for this and they just do localize anesthetics, but like nate, i absolutely do not like needles, let alone one where the tip is the size of a ball point pen lol. So luckily i was able to be put under. I hadn’t had anything close to this done before so i was extremely nervous and scared, but it went incredibly well and after more than 7 years of wearing a knee brace because of how the tumor made my knee feel, as well as having dislocated it multiple times when i was younger, due to my tendon being a little longer than it’s meant to be (i eventually grew into it i guess, thats what the doctor said anyways), I’m finally able to live without wearing one at all. And no more aleve or any other pain medicine.

    I go back in a few months to have a scan done to make sure nothing has grown back and my bone has healed properly, but the way i feel right now, i don’t think i have anything to worry about.

    Thanks for sharing this video, it really makes me feel lucky to have all the technology and medicine we have, to be able to get rid of something like what nate or i had in such a fast and easy way.

  5. Use Norm Macdonald’s example. Don’t make your cancer other people’s problems.

  6. I came, I saw, I liked, I Subbed. Kinging It + Eamon, and Bec were not wrong I can loose myself from the joe Biden delusion for months, and I will try to be nicer to my faucking neighbors manybe because I can just watch some olded shyt you uploaded years ago as the nightmare of FAKE SHYT consumes erryting. See it’s working already 🙂

  7. Cameron McCallum

    Great video! Where I am in Australia I feel like everyone knows the dangers of skin cancer all too well but good on you for spreading awareness to a global audience. Yes, it can be a killer but also so so preventable and treatable if you act early and just get checked out (and wear sun protection!)

  8. So glad everything is OK. Thanks for sharing this bit of life with us all.

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