I have been making INSANE SHOTS in NBA2K23…

Gameplay with my 6’3″ Two-Way Sharpshooting Creator on DAY 1 of NBA 2K23 with scarcely any badges the entire day. Sit back, relax and ENJOY!


  1. Naw bro u got it 😭

  2. That’s some amazing shooting u got some skills

  3. Hell ya fire clips on day one!!!!

  4. Naw Tyceno back he got it

  5. I think this year’s tyceno will dominate this game. If you see that his modeling is simple and efficient, and there is no crazy dribbling, his friend Z is also a terminator under the blue. This year’s game advocates a strong ending, especially restricting dribbling, and grasping the system mechanism well. I look forward to your performance this year.

  6. Been off 2k for a good year now but tyceno posted so I had to check it out. But what’s w the meter… no more greens?

  7. Tyceno !! Please drop a build video on how u created this build lol

  8. HE IS BACK🔥😍

  9. What spin jumper is that

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