I Hate Your Robot Ideas

Thanks Honey for supporting today’s video clip!

perhaps sometime you will run out of robot ideas

Cowboy Bebop OST 1 – Tank!


  1. Imagine throwing something like a book on the chair

  2. Make a robot attached under a desk or table that sprays anything onto someone once they sit down

  3. Build a robot that detects key words for our suggestions and automatically sends them to a data base and deletes them. Then you can say that you came up with it! Or make a robot that automatically deletes comments that have keywords for suggestions and have a speaker that says the persons username is trash. LOL

  4. I’m gonna look through the comments and find that one golden idea

  5. Am i the only one that feels that this video is a bit too cheap ? His tazer desk is basically the shocking floor / carpet (made by one of his friends ) on a table .
    As for the chair he could have done waaay better than pistons on the legs

  6. Make a robot that chases people down to taze them

  7. Petition to ban homework

    Make a disco ball that plays sweet home alabama whem it turns on. also get red lights on it

  8. ay man dont make a banana drone

  9. Make a robit that removes the comment section of your video the second someone suggests a bad robot idea

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