I had surgery… my body tried to drown me

So I been… in pain… ^^;


  1. Now I have six new holes!!!😂

  2. So sorry it took me so long to actually follow you. Glad your healing up. Good luck with the trapped gas that sucks

  3. Your local mitsuri

    Hi! I’m in middle school and in theatre. I just wanted to say you inspired me for a long time now,and part of that made me want to be in theatre. There is a lot of other reasons I wanted to be in theatre,but you’re one of them ^^

  4. diafraGm lmao that was totally great to hear. very loony tunes pronunciation heheh

  5. Good to see you, take your time too.

  6. not ded, cool

  7. Sucks to hear you’re in pain but I’m glad the surgery went well.

  8. Jesus when I thought rolling out of bed wasn’t that bad but after hearing that story well…I just hope you get better Rebecca

  9. incredible how doctors will be able to put your organs in your body and it will move back into place on its own… and then shit like this happens. Wishing you a speedy recovery

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