I had ONE DAY to Catch Every Shiny Paradox Pokemon

Area Locked – The Finale! I challenged myself to catch ALL of the glossy Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Violet… in just 24 hours.

Welcome to the 3rd and final episode of Area Locked – where I take on Area Zero and the future paradox Pokemon of Pokemon Violet!

⭐ 2nd Channel: @Noki.

🎶 Music 🎶
► Intro: Gods Bound by Rules (from NieR Replicant)
► Background: Numerous video game OSTs from
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Old School RuneScape
Persona 4/5
►Outro: Gods Bounds by Rules (from NieR Replicant)

#pokemon #arealocked #shinypokemon


  1. 🐦https://twitter.com/Nokimons 🐦


  2. I will trade you one of my shiny finizen for it

  3. I was checking in every day waiting for this video

  4. Henry duckenstein

    I love your videos Nokimon you bring me so much joy when I watch them!

  5. I have a shiny Toxel in a Quick Ball, but that’s because it matches the blue and yellow of its two evos

  6. CocopuffgamingShorts

    I don’t get why people want shinies they didn’t earn I feel like it’s just to easy and not worth it if you didn’t put the work in

  7. Man… Nokimon Used To Be Great until He completely BOMBED that Area Locked Finale

  8. You can hunt for shiny wooper

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