I Got To See Apex Legends Season 14 Early! – 24 HUGE Changes Revealed (Prestige, Meta And More!)

I Got To See Season 14 Early! – x HUGE Details unveiled (Prestige System, HUGE Meta Changes)


  1. The Gaming Merchant

    I made a BIG mistake with this video – it’s 500 x 4 levels for 2,000 total, not 7 x 4

    • @BOZO Sweatyeagle 8497 u777

    • Did they say something about to the matchmaking and fix the server? I don’t want to keep playing solo as a diamond 4 player in Predlobbys with my Platinum randoms…

    • @Konnor Kivimagi A good change would just make it so you can buy apex packs for like 8200 legend tokens or something. its not crazy at all, would alleviate this problem, and make it possible to continue progressing. But ig greed is greed.

    • @Yannik Wolle not enough pred/master players to fill lobbies in a decent mm time, brs cant have good matchmaking, its doomed to be dogshit. no way to fix it unless you make it ez to rank up or increase q times which no one wants

    • @K h a a l i x So why they don’t fill up diamond with Plats sometimes… You played rank? Plat: Just farming Golds and Bots
      Diamond: Pro Predlobbys
      Is this fair for you?

  2. health update >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> content update

  3. Why does Apex put wingman as Sniper ammo

  4. Apex will soon not be Apex

  5. best way to balance the game would be to rework the models of the fortified characters by slimming them down enough so that fortified is unnecessary.

  6. I do not like how wingman is Sniper like why it’s heavy ammo it just doesn’t make sense

  7. Wingman change is not good

  8. Will they ever fix bugs like audio and the footsteps of your own teammates are louder etc….?

  9. they just made the wingman a non-heavy weapon and care packaged the rampage…. thats already -2 heavy weapons, then they added the g7 back to ground loot and with the spitfire change its now +2 light and -3 heavy. plus the car would mainly be ran heavy cause you could share ammo with the wingman. and the 301 and 99 are crazy popular……. dumb. dumb dumb dumb

  10. Free fucking heirlooms!!!!! Aaaaaaaah

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