I Got EVERY New Shiny From Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

I am going to be making an attempt to complete the ENTIRE Gen 9 Shiny Dex for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

This means I will need to get all 105 one of a kind Pokemon from the Paldea region in it is lustrous form!

Make certain to keep an eye out for my future Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video clips!


  1. It’s been just less than 2 months since the game has been out and someone has already gotten all of the shiny Pokémon, insane !

    • I’m just waiting for home to open to I can transfer my scarlet shinys over to violet but I did just finish every new shiny from s&v last night no trades I got a bunch of cool rare marks too it was fun but now idk what to do lol

    • @Wheelie Chair I’ve been making teams out of my shinies for competitive. I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but it’s been fun

    • sys bot probably helped you get that 90% with og trainer id lol game is a joke

    • @Jayden Wilson bruh got that sysbot going crazy

    • Ain’t no way u said I’m using Sysbot 😭😭😭 u literally see me encounter all the shinies in the wild 💀💀💀

  2. The new Gen 9 pokemons design is so lazy and basic

  3. When I finally went out of my way to go catch a ditto and work on getting version exclusive I bred my Skeledirge I chose as a starter and got maybe five eggs so I could get a couple extras just because in case I needed to trade them away for someone else or give them to somebody else that I would make friends with so they had other starters or something like that but anyway I start running around and mind you I didn’t even have 200 Pokémon registered in my dex yet but the first egg I hatched was a shiny Fuecoco! And because of that I came up with a competitive team that uses him but I was so excited that was nuts I was probably some of the best shiny luck I’ve ever had, and now I’m at the point to where I can’t even find a shiny deerling without finding seven or eight other shinies in the meantime

  4. The splatoon music was what convinced me to subscribe

  5. I’m surprised people play this

  6. People bitter about hunts taking less time are just upset about the sunken cost fallacy. I’m really glad it doesn’t take days (usually) to find a shiny.

  7. For future hunts if theres ever a super small/hard to notice shiny you can simply autobattle them because autobattling refuses to kill shinies

  8. Can I get the shiny psyduck please pleasecan i get the shiny psyduck

  9. This is insane! I played for so long like 10 and yet I got 1 shiny.

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