I Got A Special Scroll – Blox Fruits Update 19 Is Here!

Blox Fruits Valentines is at long last here!! Spider Fruit, Love Fruit
New Scroll and Many more!!

I am a member of the Roblox Influencer Program and I may acquire some perks and benefits from Roblox.

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  1. Thank you everyone for watching our stream! really appreciate everyone always supporting us!!

  2. mirage is cap

  3. i traid it it didnt work

  4. i trid to get the moon shinying but it didnt work and i hade mirorr fractol

  5. florence okundolor

    Pls perm bhudda

  6. where did you get that life sized leo fruit?????

  7. Hey dough was on stock

  8. i was in safe zone and 1 of my friends allie me then took me out of safe zone with flamingo ride and took my bounty

  9. You say bacons noob 😮‍💨

  10. Please anyone answer me so now I can get the gear in any moon or still in full moon

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